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June 25 (Thursday), 2020
09:30-09:35 개회식 [P1] Poster I
09:35-10:20 LIVE [S1-1] Plenary Lecture I. Prof. Sunghoon Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)
10:20-11:05 LIVE [S1-2] Plenary Lecture II. CEO Mi Jin Sohn (Sugentech, Inc., Korea)
11:10-12:55 [S2-1] Antibody Engineering and its Applications for the Development of Biological Drugs
[항체공학 및 세포배양공학 부문위원회]
[S2-2] New Applications of Oxidoreductase for Biotechnology [단백질/
효소공학 부문위원회]
[S2-3] Human Milk Oligosaccharides: “In the Human Body” and “In the Microbes” [식품
생물공학 부문위원회]
[S3-1] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 I [S3-2] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 II
13:00-14:20 LIVE [S4-1] 런천세미나 I
14:20-16:05 LIVE [S2-4] Development of Next-generation Therapeutics [S2-5] Recent Progress on Nanomedicine and Nanobiosensor in Biotechnology [나노
바이오공학 부문위원회]
[S2-6] Bioplastics and Plastics Degradation Technology as Solution for Microplastic Problems [바이오화학 및 화장품 생물공학 부문
[S2-7] 신진연구자를 위한 포럼 I: 바이오마커, 바이오센서 [S3-3] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 III [S3-4] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 IV
16:15-18:00 LIVE [S2-9] Current Updated Status of COVID-19: Genetic Analysis of Viruses, Animal Model, Vaccine, and Antiviral [S2-10] Yeast Engineering for Biofuel/Biochemical Production (Industry-Academia-Research Institute Co-Session) [S2-8] 신진연구자를 위한 포럼 II: 항암, Drug Delivery, 생물공정 [S3-5] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 V [S3-6] 부문위원회 및 학생세션 VI
  • 1 [S1] Plenary Lecture
  • 2 [S2] Special Program
  • 3 [S3] Division Symposium & Student Presentation
  • 4 Poster I
  • 5 Special Event